Magic Leap

Google invests heavily in Magic Leap

Google has led a $542 million investment in Magic Leap, a technology startup based in Florida, the company announced Tuesday morning. Magic Leap is a stealth company that describes itself as being a “developer of novel human computing interfaces and software.” It just closed a $50 million-plus Series A round in February. The company is […]

Google buys Firebase (a cloud based sync service)

  Google on Wednesday announced that it has acquired real-time backend development firm and API developer Firebase for an undisclosed sum. Employees at the San Francisco-based company will be integrated into the Google Cloud Platform division, according to the company. Founded in 2011, Firebase provides a cloud-based synchronization service that helps developers build mobile  apps. Its service allows apps […]



7 Most Data Rich Companies in the World

  Some companies really get big data. Not only do they realize size matters – they understand you also have to know what to do with it. Here’s a list of seven companies I think are at the top of the game, when it comes to cutting-edge use of data to strategically achieve business goals. If […]

CNN’s Top 10 Startups

You wouldn’t know it from the hype around Silicon Valley these days, but the startup world churns out more duds than hits. Many hastily built apps and social networks aren’t interested in long-term success but an exit strategy — selling to a larger company for a quick windfall. Others launch with nobler intentions but flame […]


Babson Tech Club - App Development Workshop

Mobile App Building Workshop

  Click here to register: About This Workshop Please note this workshop is for Babson students exclusively. Many of us have had ideas for mobile apps float through our minds, and it’s entirely possible one of your ideas could turn into something great — but without the knowledge of how to create, design, and […]

Club Fair

Thanks to all the people who showed interest in Tech Club. We have had more than 40 signups for the club in the fair. This enthusiasm by students shows a lot of promise to us and motivates us to bring exciting events to Babson Students. Check out our events page to see whats coming from […]

Babson Club Fair

Oculus Rift Demo-Nick Wong-Babson Tech Club

Experience the world of virtual reality with Babson Tech Club!

Hi Beavers! Babson Tech Club’s Oculus Rift Demonstration was very successful.  Thank you very much for such an awesome turnout and wonderful ideas contributed by all the “Techpreneurs” Marketing: Babson Tech Club is proud to announce demonstration of virtual reality device Oculus Rift and a competition about real world applications of virtual reality devices!

Tech Jobs Survey by Tech Club and CCD

Take it now !!! Summer is almost over and the start of new semester is just few weeks away. For many of you, the most important item on your second year checklist would be ‘to get my dream job!’. If you wish to pursue career in technology sector, we demand your attention! Babson Tech club, […]


IBM invests 3 Billion in Synthetic Brains and Quantum Computers

Over the next five years, IBM will invest a significant amount of their total revenue in technologies like non-silicon computer chips, quantum computing research, and computers that mimic the human brain. The $3 billion funding round will go towards a variety of projects designed to catapultsemiconductor manufacturing past what IBM physical sciences director Supratik Guhacalls the “end of silicon scaling” in […]